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 Shojo BEAT - Gackt Interview[已译]

Gackt Speaks
J-Pop Superstar commiserates with SB
by Yukie Kurihara and Megan Bates

Gackt (often pronounced "Gackto" by Japanese fans) is a consummate J-pop idol. A one-time member of the visual kei band Malice Mizer, he went on to establish a successful solo career that's been going strong for over a decade. Gackt has released a significant collection of CDs and singles in the past ten years, while also maintaining secondary careers as an actor and writer—and through it all he's garnered the affection of fans worldwide. A two-DVD set of Gackt's music videos and live performances titled Gackt: The Greatest Filmography 1999-2006 Red/Blue, will be released in the US this fall (check viz-pictures.com for more information). SB recently enjoyed the opportunity to chat with Gackt about the DVDs and other indoor sports.

Shojo Beat: Gackt: The Greatest Filmography 1999-2006 Red/ Blue is going to be released in the US this fall. These DVDs are the compilation music videos of singles from 1999-2006. Are there any music videos that you had a hard time fi lming? Which one is your favorite?

Gackt: I think "Cine Reunion ~My Story~" is the most beautiful one visually. The video that I had a diffi cult time filming is "Another World." We filmed this in Hong Kong. It took days and days to shoot, from morning to night. We filmed as though we were shooting a movie, so it was a real tough one. "Redemption" was another hard one; we had to push back 18 hours from the time we were originally scheduled to film. We stayed up all night filming in a cold and ruined warehouse.

SB: On the DVDs you look very "cool" visually, but we hear that you show a funny side when you appear on Japanese TV shows. Which aspect of your character shows up more when you're with friends and lovers?

Gackt: Both of them are my personality, but I hardly ever talk in private situations.

SB: You performed a solo concert, an exclusive, fan-club only live acoustic set at The Orpheum Theatre in L.A. this past spring. What was the fan reaction like?

Gackt: That was a fan club event that I hold every year overseas. It was the only acoustic live event, and my impression was that the fans were all entranced by the music; many of them were touched and crying by the end.

SB: We heard that you are going to start a new band (a "super band") sometime this year with former X-Japan founder and member Yoshiki, and that you're planning a US tour with the new band. Is this true? How is that plan going?

Gackt: l cannot reveal everything about it yet, but the project is underway. I'll be able to announce some surprising news soon.

Newsflash! Shortly after this interview was conducted, the "super band" plans were fi nalized. The band, titled SKIN, includes J-Rock superstars Sugizo and Miyavi (in addition to Gackt and Yoshiki)—and they'll even have a live performance at Anime Expo under their belts by the time this issue hits newsstands!—Ed.

SB: You recently produced and wrote a new song for the Chinese singer Jin Min Jia (aka Jia Jia), for her debut in Japan. If you had the chance to produce a US musician, who would it be, or what kind of person would you want to produce?

Gackt: I am interested in producing the work of a vocalist whose visual appearance and singing voice match with their powerful personality and charisma.

SB:You are playing the role of Kenshin Uesugi in the historical TV drama Furin Kazan, part of the series called Taiga Drama on Japan's NHK channel. Taiga Drama series have been broadcasted in the US with subtitles, so many fans over here are looking forward to seeing the drama.

Gackt: The second half of the full-scale filming for Furin Kazan is about to start. Please look forward to it.

SB: Are there any music or movies you were influenced by?

Gackt: Musical influence is part of my everyday life, but my taste isn't rooted in one specific genre. If I had to choose one, I would say classical music.

SB: We heard that you are a devoted fan of Gundam, but are there any other manga or anime you like?

Gackt: One of the manga I like now is called Kaiouki [by Masatoshi Kawahara]. This title is very interesting.

SB: We have heard that your favorite brand of clothing is " h.Naoto." Please tell us if you have any other favorite fashions or brands.

Gackt: For clothes, I don't choose them by brand. I choose to wear clothes I like. For example, 5351 is one of my favorites.

SB:What is your impression of American girls?

Gackt: I have the impression that they are hungry for rock.

SB: What were your love/relationship experiences like when you were a teenager? When was your first love affair, and what type of person was it?

Gackt: It's a secret.

SB: Your skin always looks beautiful and clear as snow. Can you tell us what you do for your beauty? We've heard that you have not eaten rice for over 7 years...

Gackt: I have not had rice for about 8 years. I make and drink a special vegetable juice every morning. I'm also trying to drink about 3 liters of water every day.

SB: Send a message to American Gackt fans, please.

Gackt: We will see each other soon. Please look forward to that day.


Gackt (通常发音作 "Gackto"——自日本fans) 是一位顶级的J-pop偶像.曾一度身为视觉系乐队Malice Mizer的成员, 其后他成功单飞,至今已超过十年。Gackt在这过去的十多年里,发行了许多重要的CD以及单曲,同时还身兼多种副业,包括演员以及写手——他对fans的影响力也因此而遍及全球。Gackt的一套名为《 Gackt: The Greatest Filmography 1999-2006 Red/Blue》的音乐录像以及演唱会影像双DVD套装将于这个秋天于美国发售(详情请查阅viz-pictures.com)。SB现在就请您欣赏我们与Gackt有关DVD以及其它室内运动的谈话。

Shojo Beat: Gackt: The Greatest Filmography 1999-2006 Red/ Blue即将于这个秋天在美国发售。这套DVD是你从1999到2006的单曲音乐录像合辑。有没有在哪部录像拍摄的过程你觉得是特别困难的?哪一部是你自己最喜欢的?

Gackt: 我想"再会~Story~"是视觉上最美的一部。而我拍得很辛苦的是"Another World." 当时我们在香港取景,连续花了好多天拍摄,从早一直到晚。我们就像是在拍一出电影似的,所以真的很费工夫。 "Redemption"是另一部我觉得很难拍的,我们得从原计划往后推18个小时,在一个破仓库里不眠不休的拍了一整晚。

SB: 在 DVD里你的外表看起来很 "cool" ,但听说你在日本的电视节目上会表现出有趣的一面。不知道你在朋友以及恋人面前会比较多表现出哪一方面呢?

Gackt: 这两方面都是我的性格,但私底下我比较沉默寡言。

SB: 你今年春天在洛杉矶的Orpheum Theatre举办了一场fan club会员限定的个人演唱活动。fan的反应如何?

Gackt: 那是我的fan club每年在海外举办的活动。其实只是个现场视听会,令我印象深刻的是fans都对音乐很陶醉,很多人最后都感动得落泪了。

SB: 我们听说你今年准备和原 X-Japan的创始人兼成员Yoshiki组一队新乐队(a "super band"),而且你还计划在美国举办新乐队的巡回演唱会。这是真的吗?计划究竟是怎样?


新闻速报!在这段访问后不久,这个 "super band"计划就浮出水面了。乐队名为 SKIN, 成员包括J-Rock超级巨星Sugizo和Miyavi (另外还有Gackt和Yoshiki)—而在这篇报道刊出的时候他们已经在Anime Expo开了演唱会了!—Ed.

SB: (略)假如你有机会为美国的音乐人创作,你会选谁呢?或者说你比较想为哪一类音乐人创作呢?

Gackt: 我会有兴趣为那些形象与唱腔配合起来强而有魅力的歌手创作。


Gackt: 《风林火山》正在展开第二部分的剧情,敬请期待。

SB: 你有受过任何音乐或者电影的影响吗?


SB: 我们知道你很迷 Gundam,但有没有对什么其它动漫感兴趣的呢?

Gackt: 我喜欢的其中一部漫画叫做《海皇纪》 [川原正敏].这个标题很有趣。

SB:听说你很喜欢 " h.Naoto."的衣服。请问你还有什么喜欢的服饰牌子吗?



Gackt: 大家对摇滚的渴求令我印象很深刻。

SB: 你少年期有什么恋爱经验呢?你的初恋时怎么样的?你喜欢什么类型的人?

Gackt: 这是秘密。

SB: 你的皮肤总是很白很漂亮。可不可以告诉我们是怎么保养的?听说你有7年不吃米饭了……


SB: 请对美国的Gackt fans说一句留言吧。

Gackt: 我们很快会见面。请期待这天的来临。
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